Perfume’ is a drama depicting fantasy romance of the second time in life that came to a man and woman who lived without a tomorrow.

Shin Seok Rok and Kwon Won Hee are each a lonely person in “Perfume,” but they have played Min Jae Rin who lives a secret life full of secrets as a genius designer, Seo Do, who has fallen in peaceful daily life, and “Lucky Daughter” The two men will meet when they lose their meaning of life, and they will energize the drama by drawing a “Kemi”, a nemesis that causes a big accident.

In the meantime, Shin Sangrok and Ko Won Hee suddenly encountered him, while Ko Won-hee is throwing himself in the water. Min-cheolin, who appears in a place where the west islands exercise every day, threatens the island with SNS real-time broadcasting. In the West Island, people turn to the crowded spot to find Min-Yorin, while Min-Yorin shines the island as a pawn.

The scenes of Shin Seok Rok and Won Won Hee’s trials were held at a park located in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 19th of last month. The people who were in the park were somewhat cluttered because of the crowds, but the two had quietly rehearsed their gestures and gestures. I was able to concentrate while I watched people, and I continued to practice, and I raised the atmosphere of the scene. In particular, while the temperature suddenly fell and the chilly weather continued, she had to go into the water with a thin attire. Before the filming, Kwon Hee raised her body temperature by warming up her body and gave her enthusiasm for advancing into the water at once.

The crew said, “The affection and enthusiasm for ‘Sung Suk Suk and Ko Won Hee’ s ‘Perfumes’ is becoming a hallmark of the scene. I would like to ask for your interest in ‘Fantasy Romance’, the second car of your life, which has penetrated everywhere.

‘Perfume’ will be broadcasted at 10:00 on the night of June 3.

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