“Her private life ‘Park Min-young is to turn into” a lovely private. Having a heart full of irritability and going to see the most idol prisoners.

The TV drama ‘her private life’ (directed by Hong Jong-chan / playwright Kim Hye-young / original sunday fan / co-produced factory, studio dragon) is a perfect curator at work, but if you know, Sung Duk-mi (Park Min-young) Minute), and it is an authentic virtue romance.

In the third episode of ‘Her Private Life,’ which is broadcasted today (17th), Mangred Deok-hoo (Seongdeok Mi), who will meet Jeong Jae-won (my favorite idol member) There is a new director Kim Jae-wook (Ryan station) next to Park Min-young.

There is a picture of Park, Min-young, who has a clown ascending to the sky in the situation where the coincidence of virtue and profession, coinciding with the virtuous work, is revealed in the still steel. In particular, Park Min-young, who shows off her suits in an explosion at the museum, is focusing on a different atmosphere. It looks like a precious bouquet of flowers and a lovely fashion going to a romantic date. Especially, his smile, which is like a flower, reveals the irritability and joy that can not be hidden. Moreover, the expression of Kim Jae-wook, who looks at it, is intimidating and it stimulates curiosity.

Kim Jae-wook, who smiles at Jeongseewon, who welcomes his guests with comfortable glasses wearing glasses, followed by Park Min-young, who looks at Kim Jae-wook with his wondering eyes.

In the meantime, it is focused on whether Park Min-young, who has met her favorite idol, can hide the “clown of truth” and “hot fan-center” Park Min-young, who is in the workplace (acting as an ordinary person rather than a general person’s cosplay, virtue), keeps his composure even in front of the most idol, and is raising his interest in whether he will not let Kim Jae-

‘Her personal life’ crew said, “Park Min-young is meeting with the most idol prime minister and is succeeding in her debut.” At the same time, she is caught up in an unexpected event with the most idol, and one storm blows at the Fulm Gallery where Park Min-young and Kim Jae- “I am hoping that I will not miss the third episode of her private life” because I am going to have a signal of a change in relationship with Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook in the event of a storm.

TVN drama ‘her private life’ will be broadcast today (17th) at 9:30 pm.

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