‘Her private life’ Park Min-young and Un-Hyun-hyun are fighting for umbrella, and they are concentrating their attention by radiating a dynamic cami to the neck.

From the first week of the broadcast, the TVN drama ‘her private life’, which is a hot topic of actors’ fresh acting such as acting and recreating youthful actors and virtues, is a childhood friend of Park Min-young (Seongdeok Mi) and Ahn Boo-hyun ‘Good-bye Chemie’ reveals the high school days that stand out and draws attention.

Among the public stills, there are children’s friends Park Min-young and Ahn Bo-hyun, who have grown up since childhood. Unlike Park Min-young, who is pushing his hands all the way to have an umbrella, and Park Hyun-hyun, who avoids Park Min-young’s touch, attracts attention. Especially, he seems to give an umbrella.

Park Min-young, who finished the umbrella contest, is wearing a smile with a umbrella of Ahn Bo-hyun and is leaving school. Ahn Bo-hyeon looks at the back of Park Min-young’s eyes with a dull eye. In his eyes, an angry love towards Park Min-young is revealed and attracts attention. Also, Park Min-young, who grabbed Ahn Bo-hyun’s neck and took control of him, explodes the dynamic Kimi. Park Min-young, a childhood friend who has grown up together since childhood, and Kim Hyun-hyun’s best chemistries are attracting interest and expect to add pleasure and excitement.

TVN drama ‘her private life’ is a perfect curator in the workplace, but if you know it, you will get a full-fledged romance when you meet Ryan, It is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.

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