On September 9, SBS ‘full entertainment night’ was interviewed by Moon Sori and Park Hyung Sik of the movie ‘Jurors’.

On this day, Moon So-ri laughed at the first impression of Park Hyung-sik, saying, “My face shone brightly and I could play jung jung as a pretty face like a man from a comic book. Two days later, I became friendly.”

Moon Sori said, “Park Hyeong-sik is like a high school student in a corner, but now that he is going to the army, he is in a bad mood.”

Park Hyung-sik, who is about to enter the country in June, is said to have recently applied to the police headquarters of the National Defense Command (Su-Bang). He said, “I did not know, but the army was better than I thought,” he laughed.

Then Park Hyung-sik said to his fans, “I will go to my body well. Do not worry, I always thank you for supporting me.” Moon Sori, who listened to them, blinked, “I’m going to tear.”

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