hapter Beautiful reporters to expect a “great show” Lim Heon – Song of the exposed and confirmed the appearances.

The TVN new drama ‘The Great Show’ (directed by Rye Chul / drama Suh Jun-suk) is a drama featuring a great show for the re-entry of the National Assembly and accepting the great problem troubled four siblings. It is going to cause fantasy synergy to be touched and excited. The drama ‘Cross’ and ‘Tunnel’ are directed by creditor director, and drama ‘Taji’ is recognized by novel author.

Lim Jang – hwan has been acting as a law firm ‘Kang Jun – ho’ with unbiliated bubble perfection. Kang Joon-ho is a singer of the current criticism system which is full of three time from the picture to the visual which seems to come out from the picture, gentleman which kings man shines gently, and excellent speech. Especially, even if you share a word with him, he has the charm of Maseong that will fall into a black hole to Kang Jun-ho regardless of sex.

He stimulates his curiosity by foresharing that he will engage in a fierce battle to shake the “greatest hardship of life” (Song Seung Heon) and the Korean politics. In particular, various attractiveness of Lim Chu-hwan raises expectations. He draws attention from a lawyer who has an attractive charm and will show up as a bulldozer.

Roh ‘s role was as a super – affirmed high school girl’ Hajeung ‘. An 18-year-old girl with a very positive mind that dreams of miracles in personality and debts. However, the unmarried mother who raised the sweetheart alone died in a hit-and-run accident.

He joins the imaginary transcendental relationship, such as the birthplace who inherited the gene to himself, and the former member of the National Assembly (Song Seung Heon), who has a strong tackle in his life. Roh Jung’s actress has a strong acting potential among the top performing actors through the drama ‘Kill It’, ‘My Name’ and ‘Pinocchio’. Her interest in transforming her acting is gathered.

With this solid performance and charm, Lee Jung-hwan, who is completely armed, and Lee Jung-hwan, who is bursting with the smoke pot, cooperates with Song Seung-hun Lee and expects to fill up the ‘Great Show’.

“The Great Show” crew will “exploit synergies with trustworthy performance and close to perfect character synchronicity,” after “Song Seung Heon Lee Sun Bin was confirmed to have played major role in Im Ji Hwan Roh.” I hope these people will enjoy the exciting smiles and deep emotions that will be presented to the house theater. ”

The ‘Great Show’ is scheduled to air in the second half of 2019.

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