Actor Park Bo Young was ready to meet with viewers with the new “pobley” charm.

The two men and women who resurrected as “reverse visuals” with their 180th birthday through the “Abyss: Soul Salvation Ball” (Moon Su-yeon plays, Reverse Visual Fantasy chasing killers. Park Bo-young breaks into a high-ranking Seo-yeon who was re-invented as a Sebel sister in the top 1% credit inspection.

The photos of the film, which was unveiled on the 22nd, featured Park Bo-young, who transformed through ‘Abys’. Thick horn glasses, and a suit of a sword, and watching glasses over the glasses in the mirror itself. In the spooky eyes of Park Bo-young, I feel that the charisma of the top 1% test before ‘resurrection’ is still alive.

Park Boo-young is currently a visual figure of Sezel’s sister, but the true figure in it was the top 1% credit check. Park Boo-young is the back door that led to the resilience of the staff who delicately portrayed the opposite side with lively eyes and gestures.

“Abyss will have a lot of fun watching the confusion and the events that will be experienced when Park Bo Young is resurrected as a new visual due to Abyss’ soul resuscitation ball after the accident of question.” Especially, Please expect it. ”

‘Abys’ will be broadcasted at 9:30 pm on May 6th.

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