“Spring Night” is getting closer to the hearts of viewers ahead of the first broadcast on Wednesday, May 22.

MBC new tree mini series ‘spring night’ (directed by Ahn Pan Suk / play Kim Eun / produced by JEES Pictures) is going to show calm and deep emotions in the hearts of viewers with a romance drama full of hopes that both men and women are searching for love .

Most of all, it attracts attention by unveiling a new two-shot in the midst of meeting Anhangseok Satan, Han Ji-min (Lee Jung-in) and Jung Hae-in (Yoo Ho-ho)

In the photo, there was a jinhae who is making a phone call with someone and Han Ji Min, who is waiting for him. She is looking forward to waiting for his call to end.

In addition, the narrow street of two people seemed to touch the footsteps of springtime nighttime when the light of the street lamp was lightened, and the springtime breeze of the brisk springing is more tickling heart.

As the streets are gradually getting closer, a realistic romance is being awaited by Han Ji Min and Cho Seon-in to see if the mind can reach each other.

On the other hand, MBC’s New Tree Mini series “Spring Night”, which will be broadcast on Wednesday the 22nd, will go to Anbang Theater at nine o’clock in the night which is pulled from one night to ten o’clock at night according to the lifestyle of viewers who are different.

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