In the MBC drama “spring night” broadcasted on the 5th, 9th and 10th times, Lee Jung-in (Han Ji Min) was shown to approach Lee Ji-ho. Yoo Jee-in said to Lee Jung-in, “Please do not let me see anything but Jeong-in. I will never see it.” Lee Jung-in stopped saying “it is not.” “I did not want to see him, but I did not want to see him,” he said. Lee said, “Jiho always looks at me when I want to, so what am I to do? I have to be allowed to steal and steal from Jiho.” “Why do you think you were such a selfish person?” At that time, Kwon Ki-suk (Kim Joon-Han) called Lee Jeong-in, but Lee did not receive it. After taking Lee Jeong-in, Lee said, “I will have to stop, and I will lose a lot of things because of the moment.” I said, “It is my selfishness.”

Lee Jung-in brought out the story of Nam Seo-hoon (imum sung) during a meal with Kwon Ki-suk. “I said to see you,” Lee said, “Why do not you meet me?” And the theme of the story went to marriage again. Kwon said, “Do not you really want to get married?” And when you get into a fight, Lee Jung-in replied, “Now I am afraid of seeing you.” Kwon said, “I do not want to marry you, but I do not want you to do that.” Lee said, “I know exactly what he thinks of me in my brother’s house. Do you have a mind to marry? ”

See the original imageJiho Jiho, while working, “ask me to drink alcohol,” I was reminded at the end of the guest. Lee Jung-in declared, “I am going to break up with my brother” in Song Young-joo (Lee Sang-hee), and Song Young-joo said, “Is this not a betrayal for my boyfriend now? I know that I was pushed to another person. Nevertheless, Lee Jung-in said, “I will not meet anymore,” and I was surprised at Song Young-joo, saying that he will not meet with Yu-ho.

Lee Jung-in called Kwon Ki-seok, saying, “I do not have time,” Kwon said. Lee Jung – in called Yoo Ho – ho but did not receive the maintenance call. Even though the resident confirmed that the house was on, he did not answer the phone and Lee arrived at his home. Lee Jung-in said, “Why do not you answer the phone? “I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do if I do not see it in my eyes,” Ji-jin said, crying. Lee Jung-in, who is crying, took him to the restaurant to go to eat. Lee Jung-in said, “I actually ate dinner.” I said to Yoo Ji-ho, “It’s more of a sequel. I eat rice all the time.” Lee Jung-in asked, “Is it too burdensome to contact me?” Lee Jung-in replied, “Do you really feel burdened?” Jee-ho said, “If you get into the feeling right away, you will not stop more than Jung-In. Jiho added, “I will give a friend,” and Lee Jung-in expressed his frankness, saying, “I am not confident now.” Lee Jeong-in’s frank confession, “I do not even do it,” said Yoo.

Ji-ho brought Lee Jung-in to her house, and Lee met Lee Jae-in (Ji Min-in) while waiting for the elevator. Lee Jae-in told Lee Jeong-in that he met Yoo-ho and made a bombing call to entertain tea at home. Lee Jung-in rushed to the house and arranged the house, and Yoo Ji-ho and Park Young-jae (Lee Chang-hoon) entered Lee Jeong-in’s house. Lee Jae-in went to buy food with Park Young-jae, and left two more at home. In a sudden reunion, the two laughed as if they were awkward, but at that time, Kwon Ki – seok called. Lee Jung-in had to say goodbye to Kwon Ki-seok in front of Yoo Ho.

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