KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘One Only Only’ 103,104 trailers broadcast on March 16 revealed the anger of Kang Su-il (Choi Soo-jong), who knew that he had committed a murder in the wrong way 28 years ago, did.

Previously, King Continent (Lee Chang-woo), who had a strong suspicion about the incident of a few days, made a confession of Jin-bum Yang Young-dal (Lee Young-seok) Yongdal, who caused the change of heart, came to embroider in search of the police station with his feet, and the continent immediately informed Kim Doran (Yui Han) of this fact. The truth of the event that had lost a few days of 28 years was finally revealed to the whole world.

The joy of being stripped of the charges was for a while, because of the lie of somebody, and the fact that I had to live in a life of pain and self-defeating for the sake of someone who was a “murderer”, and daughter Daoran was stigmatized as the daughter of a murderer. I would not have been able to say anything.

The number of days in the trailer has sprung up all over the past 28 years. “How can you do that? “I have not been able to see how my life has lived because my daughter has been divorced and has been pointed to people because she is a child of a murderer and my daughter is a child of a murderer.”

Along with this, the trailer is stripped of the fraud of a few days and depicts the continent declaring Doran and reunion, and Ohn Eun-young (Cha-hyeon-yeon), which opposes between Doran and the continent. Meanwhile, The atmosphere was so deep that it was a point of conflict and attracted attention.

On the other hand, the ‘One Only Only’ which was broadcasted on September 15 last year is that the father who had to hide his identity with a woman whose life was twisted by his father who appeared in 28 years, , Which is based on the story of a close affinity that encompasses all generations. It has become a ‘national drama’ with a high audience rating close to 50% of ‘dream view ratings’.

With only one week left until the end of the season, it is noticed that the “one-on-one” will accumulate the gold pagoda that exceeds the audience rating of 50%, and it will attract the kind of beauty. KBS weekend drama ‘One Only Only’ is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 pm.


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