Police investigating the ‘Burning Sun case’ have finished the investigation and will hand over to the prosecutor all the winner of the singer, Yoo In-seok, a partner on Tuesday, and Taiwanese investor Lynn Samo on Tuesday.
It has been confirmed that Rin Samo has already been charged with winning and co-embezzlement.
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In about a month after the arrest warrant was dismissed, the police decided to wrap up the investigation of the singer winner and the representative of Yoon In-seok, former owner of Glass Holdings, and decided to hand them over to the prosecutors on Tuesday, next Tuesday.

The 25th is the expiration date of the victory’s due date.

The charges of prostitution, prostitution arrest, embezzlement, and the violation of the Food Sanitation Law were applied to the arrest warrant.

Police will be handed over to the prosecutor’s office on the same day as Burning Sun investor Taiwanese Rin Samo as an accomplice related to victory and embezzlement charges.

Rin Sama is believed to have embezzled 570 million won in the name of the salary of the club salesperson using a cannon banknote managed by his treasurer Jigi Anmo.

Police, who have investigated two times in the past, have confirmed that they have been wearing Lin Samo on the 18th.

However, the police will send a report on Rin Samo to stop the prosecution for future international cooperation.

The suspicions of victory and Yu’s embezzlement have all increased to 1.1 billion won, as revealed by the conspiracy charges related to embezzlement of Rin Samo.

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