OCN Original ‘Player’ Song Seung Heon, Jung Soojeong, Ishihan, Taewon Seok’s complete main poster and four main teaser video was released. The pleasant copy of “The guys who play on those guys are out there” prove their cool play.

OCN Original ‘Player’ (directed by Ko Jae-Hyun, dramatic novelty, produced by I Will Media) is a fun and exciting money steal action that finds the illegal money collected by the best players in each field from con artists, drivers, hackers and fighters drama. The new definition is achieved by the transfer of criminal profits by becoming a team of fraudsters Kang Hahr (Song Seung Heon) who makes the plate, the best driver Cha Eul-jong of the whole country, Jeongja hacking master Lim Kyung-min (Ishihan) We have united. Four of the main posters that were released today (31st) was the first to show that four players, who are ready to play hard, jumped to the scene of returning criminal profits even now. Four players, each based on their specific abilities, show off their personality in a different way on the poster. The best driver’s car dumbbell that emits the charm of a girl with a relaxed smile and a gorgeous smile over the face of a gifted hacker who emanates the aura of a brilliant hacker, The charismatic fighter Doujin-woong, the new and powerful four-man union, is curious to see why they are united as one team.

Foster’s eye-catching shooting scene has created a movie-like overwhelming atmosphere with the sophisticated and colorful visuals of the actors. As the actors’ breathing and Chemie reached the water, the posters that showed the complete body also showed a keen breathing. Also, it is the back door that the actors who are proud of the character and the high synchro rate are completely immersed in each character and made the best cuts consistently.

The main teaser video, which is released with the main poster, is a curiosity that comes from a player dumbbell who is having a relaxing time, Sir, Sung, and Hari who comes in with a bag full of cash bundles. The security guards approach the players who enjoyed the pleasure at the luxurious mansion with a swimming pool, but the fist fairy sang who appeared instantly suppresses them at once. The reason why I was able to get out of the field without any hurdles. In this cookie image, which is also released together, ‘Husseo’ Hari, which is unchanged, and Sung-min and Jin-woong are leading. However, Hari, who does not care too much, and the dumbbell that starts the car, excite the interest of the players.

The crew said, “When four players are gathered in one place, a pleasant atmosphere is formed. “I was able to complete a great image thanks to the breathing of Song Seung Heon, Sujeong Jeong, Ishin An, and Taewon Seok who seemed to be watching a scene of the broadcast.” Cida, I beg you, “he said.

Meanwhile, ‘Player’ is directed by director Koh Jae-Hyun, who is responsible for ‘Black’, ‘Syndrome’, etc., and a new typewriter who won the New Artist Award at the 2011 Korean Mori Literary Award in the feature novel section. It will be broadcast on OCN at 10:20 pm on September 29 followed by ‘Voice 2’.

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