Here are two teaser posters to announce the hot debut of ‘Huryeo’, a flower comedy ‘Hwarang’, in June 2019.

‘Gyungbongryeong’ is the most noble comedy in history, in which the blueprints of ‘Huryeong’ to become the best men’s parasitism in Korea in order to save the frenzy of the crisis of closure. It is the first time in Korea that “freshman material” and “unpredictable story” of “Chosun first man parasitism”, delicious ambassadors that make laughter burst and Lee Jun-ho, Jung Min, Choi Gihwa, ‘In June 2019 with the opening of the flower shogun’ bluff ‘ ; It reveals two kinds of teaser poster to announce the debut, and it attracts attention.

The first thing that catches the attention of the two kinds of teaser posters that are open is the visual of the ‘blind’ which is the best flower of the Joseon Dynasty. The face of the ‘hulking’, wearing a blue silk suit and relaxing in a gayageum, is full of bright smiles like a flower, and it is also close to my eyes as if I am attracted to it.

I was born as a son of a parishioner, grew up in a fireplace, and decided to become the first male patriot in order to save the frenzy of the crisis. With his appearance of a beautiful figure, excellent craftsmen, and nature that penetrates the empire, the copy of “Just enjoying it” in the posters is a good example of the ‘Yeonpeng Angle’ Add curiosity. It is really ‘ ; Debut ‘! It is expected that what will happen to him is focused on the audience.

The most grievous comedy in history, ‘Gigam Dohryeong’, scheduled to be released in June 2019, is raising hopes of releasing two teaser posters announcing the emergence of Chosun’s first flower parade and ‘

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