Min Kyung-min delivered a speech at the end of .

KBS 2TV drama “Doctor Freezeer”, which is only about to finalize today (15th), with a unique material called “Doctor making a bottle” and a thrilling development. Above all, what stood out in this drama is actor Minamungmin who proved once again that he is a genius surgeon and an actor who believes in disassembling into a dark heroine “Nae-hyun”.

In this drama, the act of the actor of the south paul reached the pole. Sharp eyes, cool charisma, as well as rushing to ridiculous appearance and the smoke to pantomime. His distinctive tone of control, which sometimes changes delicately and softly, sometimes coolly and intensely freely according to the flow of the drama, has enthralled audiences with an exhilarating catharsis in the house theater.

Min-gong said through his agency, “First of all, I would like to thank all the hardships, bosses, artists, seniors, fellow actors, field staff, and all those who worked hard day and night for good work. Thanks to it, if we were long and short, we could shoot happily during a short shooting period. ”

“I was fortunate to have met ‘Dr. For the first time, I challenged a character called Dark Hero, and I was able to grow even more through this opportunity, and it seems to me that I will be remembered for a long time. Thank you very much for the viewers who loved ‘Doctor Freeze’ until the end. ”

Meanwhile, ‘Doctor Prisoner’ will be broadcasted last night at 10 o’clock. (KBS Media Park Jae Hwan)

Dr. Phrynizer, Daein, delivered a feeling of exhaustion.

“I was honored to have a wonderful work with wonderful seniors first, and I thank all of you who have worked hard for the good work, the writers and the field staff. I did not even know how much time was going for it, so I took it happily. ”

Then, “Dr. Pleisner” seems to be remembered as a precious work that can grow and learn as much as the lack of enough to feel toxic short. All staffs, seniors, and many love-loving viewers who have worked for Jaein Thank you again. ”

Kwon Nara reported the end of ‘Doctor Freezeer’.
Actor Kwon Nara told his instagram on the 16th, “Thank you for loving Dr. Prynner and Salt Lee. I have a wonderful bishop, a writer, a staff who have suffered in the field, I can do it with my esteemed seniors I was happy “. He took a bouquet of flowers with him and revealed the self. The innocent visual of the country where the one-haired hair goes well attracts attention. The distinctive aspect ratio is also personality.

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