1. Song Ha Yoon – Devilish Joy

The Fight My Way actress decided her next role should be Joo Gi Bbeum. She is the former top star that is dealing with a drop in her popularity and confidence. One horrible incident seemed to destroy her future. A budding romance with a man suffering from memory loss is the next challenge.

2. Nam Ji Hyun – 100 Days My Prince

Nam landed a historical role where she finally meets the prince of her dreams! Hong Shim (aka Yoon Yi Seo) uses her street smarts to open Joseon dynasty’s first detective agency and encounters a crown prince with amnesia.

3. Jung In Sun – Terius Behind Me (premieres on September 26)

Jung decided to accept the challenging part of a single mom in peril. Go Ae Rin belatedly realizes that her husband’s death was no accident. Until she finds the criminals that targeted her husband, her family will be in danger.

4. Esom – The Third Charm (premieres on September 28)

Her on-screen character, Lee Young Jae, is an assistant hairdresser who lives in the moment. The emotional young woman adores her older brother who is her only close relative after their parents passed away. When she meets her reserved blind date for the first time, they initially clash.

5. Krystal Jung – The Player (premieres on September 28)

The f(x) member portrays a tough character in a team of criminals. Abandoned as a child, Cha Ah Ryeong grew up with a hidden insecurity but hoodlum exterior. She’s the best getaway driver a robber can ask for.

6. Seo Hyun Jin – Beauty Inside (premieres on October 1)

Seo accepted the coveted role in a well-known remake. Han Se Kye is an actress who hides her drastic transformation every month. One week each month, Se Kye visibly turns into another human being. Her outward appearance may be completely different, but the airline executive who loves her can recognize her beautiful soul anywhere.

7. Kim Hee Sun – Room No. 9 (premieres on September 29)

Kim plays a successful lawyer whose only purpose in life in chasing after success. Eulji Hae Yi surrounds herself with people who can elevate her in her career, and she will do anything to win her cases. She completely disregards the poor and values her boyfriend because of his status in life. Little does she know, her perfect doctor boyfriend has a dark secret.

8. Seo Ji Hye – Two Lives One Heart (premieres on October 10)

Seo plays Yoon Soo Yeon, who is a resident of the thoracic surgery department. She decided to become a doctor after a tragic event nearly took her life. Now, she is determined to live life to the fullest.

9. Sooyoung – So I Married An Anti-Fan (premieres in 2018)

The Girls’ Generation member takes on Yuan Shan Shan’s role as a magazine reporter. In the K-drama version, Geun Young is the reporter who loses her job after an unexpected quarrel with a Hallyu star. She feels he is 100% at fault for her job loss and decides to become his anti-fan.

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