The scene of the first visual explosion of Woo ‘s visual explosion with Shin Se Kyung was revealed to the public. With the release of the two men who have not been able to hide their strangeness and nervousness ahead of their full-scale start, they are expecting their first broadcast on July 17, which is said to have finished their first filming in the best atmosphere with the perfect breathing with the staff. Pulls it up.

The new MBC drama “The new captain Kang Hae-ryeong (dramatized Kim Ho-soo / director Gang Il-soo, Han Hyun-hee / production Green Snake Media)” scheduled for the first broadcast at 8:55 pm on July 17 did.

The ‘new entourage Koo Hae-ryeong’, which is composed of Shin Se Kyung, Cha Eun-woo and Park Ki-woong, is the first problematic woman of the Joseon Dynasty and the ‘Phil’ fullness romance annals of the Prince Yi-Rim Young actors such as Lee Ji-hoon and Park Ji-hyun and actresses such as Kim, Jin-jin, Kim Min-sang,

First of all, Shin Se Kyung is robbing his eyes because he is showing off his simple Hanbok. She showed her nervousness in her first film, and for a moment she was immersed in acting for a while and showed perfect sync rate with Kwanghaek. It is known that the staffs also admired her, so it is worth noting that she will be able to update her life character through this work.

Then Shin Se Kyung was caught in a blue jeans wearing a blue jeans. She did not leave the script in her hands all the way through the film and showed her passion for acting. In addition, it is said that she has taken pictures with Park Ji-hyeon, Ye-ri-ri and Jang-yu-bang, who will act together as female comedians.

In the meantime, Chu’s eyes are gathered as he sees his ‘Simmung’ smile. He shot bright smile and positive energy all over the shoot, and made him a ‘human vitamin’ to hit the atmosphere maker and to carry out the heat wave.

Especially, he took his ear to the acting advice of Seongjoo who made his first filming of the crying, and also tried to take a shot in a serious posture such as seeing the line beforehand. He is also attracted attention by being told that he made his first visit to Sungjoo to warm up the atmosphere.

“The new officer Koo Hae-ryeong” said, “Shin Se Kyung and Cha Eun-woo have successfully completed their first filming and wrote the first chapter of the romance annals. “It was a great start to see the perfect breathing with the staff here,” he said. “I will do my best to show off a good work that will blow away the heat this summer.

The ‘new guards’, which is Shin Kyung Kyung, Cha Eun Woo and Park Ki Woong, will be broadcasted on MBC at 8:55 pm on July 17th.

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