Han Ji-min, Im Seong-eun, and the resident Sir. In MBC’s New Tree Mini Series ‘Spring Night’ (directed by Ahn Pan Suk / dramatic Kim Il Eun / produced by JEES Pictures), which will be broadcasted first at 9 pm on Wednesday, 22nd, the relationship between the inside and the relationship of one person, It is also going to be drawn with a very realistic sensibility.

There is interest in the story of her three sisters, Lee Jung-in (Han Ji Min), her sister Lee Sue-in (Im Seong-in), and her younger sister Lee Jae-in. There are questions about what kind of paintings the life of three people with different occupations and values ​​will take, and how they will affect each other. First, the station announcer, Lee Seon-in, has always been a perfect firstborn, and he does not have to talk to his younger brother Lee Jung-in who works as a librarian. If Lee is the master of moderation and perseverance, Lee Jung-in is expected to be the most valuable person in living his life, and is expected to share the stories of two people with the words of love and marriage and nod their audience’s head .

On the other hand, the youngest graduate student Lee Jae-in has an impromptu and generous personality as a free spirit owner. Especially, she wants to go a different way with her two sisters.

These three sisters with different colors and textures are able to convey the real life and feelings of emotion to the viewers’ minds, and Han Ji-min (Lee Jeong-in), Im Seong-eun (Lee Seo-in) and Ju-min Kyung Delicate smoke is awaiting.

On the other hand, MBC’s new tree drama ‘Spring Broom’ will be broadcasted on the night of May 22, at 9:00 pm, on a spring day, with a romance drama full of sorrow that both men and women are searching for love.

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