‘My daughter, the most beautiful in the world’ audience rating has fallen dramatically.

May 5 According to Nielsen Korea, May 25, the KBS 2TV weekend drama “My Beautifulest Daughter in the World,” which was broadcast on May 4, 25 times, 26 times the national standard rate of 19.5%, 24.8% did.

This was a relatively large decline from 25.9% and 30.8% recorded on 23rd and 24th on April 28th. In addition, 25.9% recorded on April 27 broadcast, 28.1% recorded lower than the record.

‘Sejian Ye’ kept the overwhelming number one spot among all the dramas broadcasted on the same day, even with the declining viewership. SBS ‘Mung Bean Flower’ showed 6.8% and 8.1% ratings. MBC ‘I Mong’, which was first broadcast on the day, showed ratings of 5.0%, 7.1%, 5.9% and 6.5%, respectively.

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