TVN first broadcast on the 5th Enter the new drama ‘Enter search query WWW’ (hereafter ‘Goble Yoo’), BaTamy (Lim Soo Jung) was shown as going to hearing as company representative.

On the day of the hearing, Byeon-mi said, “Mr. Jung-soo Choi (Choi Jin-ho) told Bae Tammy general manager of the portal site” Unicorn ” “In the main screen of the unicorn, the largest portal site in the nation during the presidential election period, four real-time queries related to presidential candidates disappear at once.”

“I think it might be the case in the algorithm,” replied the bipartisan, and asked, “Is not it just a matter of releasing the algorithm?”

“It’s the same as telling a murderer how to kill,” Batimi said. The MP said, “Did you do it?” “I did it,” Battamy said, “Our unicorn manipulates real-time queries.”

At that time, an employee came into the meeting room and said, “The fireworks display appeared at the time of the inauguration.”

After that, I went to the director of Song Gyeong-gyeong (Jeon Hye-jin) and asked him, and Songgye ordered that “Delete the commercial thing is a rule.”

“I think the Olympic Games are a big event and a small event,” Battami said. “This is not just our main advertising,” Song said, “and we have deleted all the ads that have come up because of our advertising.”

But eventually the query was deleted.

“I do not think it’s wrong to delete it,” Battama said to Battami, who is out of the boardroom. “But it seems to be a good idea to delete it. It turned out to be eye-catching.

Also, during the presidential debate on the day, “Lee Wookhyun adultery” appeared in the inspection, but suddenly the query related to Lee Wookhyun disappeared. In the end, Bhattami went to Songgakyeong and asked, “What is the search word?” However, Songgyeong once again collided with “I had deleted it in connection with the affair.”

He said, “It is in the presidential election period, why is the Unicorn keeping the honor of the presidential candidate, not the internal discipline, but the external pressure?” At that time, a member of the National Assembly was reunited. “I did not know I was going to tee out like this,” said the senator.

“It is not a manipulation to leave it as a candidate for the presidency,” said Battamy, “the unicorn does not manipulate the search terms,” ​​and the state senator said, “You have violated the right of people to know.

Jang Hee Eun, the chairman of the KU Group, who ordered the manipulation of the search query, asked Song Gyeong-kyun, who returned home, “Give me a person to go out for the hearing.”

View original imageBatami and Park Mogun (long-term use) met at the game room. Park Morgan, who continued to play in the game, turned up and said, “I can not win today.”

“I can not win tomorrow if I can not win today, how can I win?”, And Park Morgan said, “If you try hard?”

Battami continued playing the game alone, and Park Morgan was waiting for him to leave the game room. Batami said, “I’ve waited for you.” He said, “I’ve been waiting really hard for 30 minutes.”

Eventually, the two moved into the media and added a story to the game. At that time, he punched Park Morgan in the piano app and gave out an unknown story. Eventually, the two of them met together for the first night.

Bhattami was called to the Nine Nine (Yoo Seo-jin) representative and Song Gyeong-gyeong director, and was under the pressure to go to the hearing. Batami asked, “Why am I going out of the hearing?” Lee said, “I decided to go out.”

He also said, “It’s a real mess, what do you think?”

In the end, Battami said, “I will ask the representative, is it an offer? If I do not accept it, do you cut the company?” I said, and I said, “It’s a decision for the company.

“I’m going to leave you at the Unicorn,” Battami said.

“I am happy to delete the query,” said Battami, who went to the hearing. In addition, he said, “If there is such a thing as prostitution and so on, I will delete it.” “I found the situation that 10 years ago, I was a prostitute underage.”

Before I went to the hearing, I was ready to attack the state, and then I found out that ID used for prostitution in the past was the same as the ID used in the mail.

“The union is a civilian inspectors,” the other councilor shouted.

“I have changed the real-time query, Senator. It’s the Internet.”

At the hearing, Vatami was kicked out of the reporters and rushed to any car. It turns out that this car was the car of Cha Hyun (Lee Hee – hee), the head of the social division of Pharoah of the rival company.

As soon as he came to the company, he was called to Song, but he missed his place by attending a game meeting on behalf of his juniors. Instead, at the meeting he attended, the music that Past Morgan had heard flowed out.

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