it will turn into a surprise Knight of “euracha car Waikiki 2 ‘Sohee this wonder.

On the 16th, JTBC drama ‘Raecha Cha Waikiki 2’ (directed by Lee Changmin, dramas Kim Ki-ho, Song Ji-eun, Song Mi-seo, Seo Dong-bum, produced by Csez Entertainment, drama house) To induce irritability.

When I met him, I was annoyed by the roar and I was not worried about the painful Jung-eun (An Soehyun), but Jun Ki-soo (Ahn So-hee) gave me a part-time job and did not spare my heartfelt sympathy so that I could challenge the actor’s dream again. In addition, Jeong Eun, who was worried about Jung-eun who was cut off from his work by acting as a robot, struggled to hide the facts. In the last broadcast, two people who challenged the acting of beggars gave a laughing bomb to the so – called ‘beggars’, and subtle changes are perceived in the relationship between Jung – ki and Jeong Eun.

The photo shows the curiosity of the photo, which shows the appearance of a quasi-ritual to find a midnight chung-eun. Jung who has been dating alone with a strange man. But the expression of looking at the smile of a man is somewhat scared. There is a tight tension on the third face of the man holding the wrist of Jeong Eun in the photo and watching him. The anger of Jungei who ran Rebecca without changing the costume of the shooting makes the guess that the unexpected thing happened to Jeong Eun. Jung Eun grabbed the hand and escaped from the crisis, and the black warrior Moment of the period raises an unexpected “heartbeat” expectation.

The crew of WaRaKaCha Waikiki 2 said, “There is an unexpected surge between Jung Ki and Jung Eun, who showed the appearance of real Namsan Chin and Mrs. Chan in the 8th episode broadcast today (16th). Please watch them change. ”

On the other hand, the 8th episode of “Warakata Waikiki 2” is broadcasted at JTBC at 9:30 pm on the 16th.

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