I thank you for the 10th anniversary of his debut.

On the 27th, actor Ishian said to his instagram that “Today is the 10th anniversary of his debut. Thank you everyone for congratulating me on this occasion. I thank you once again for your debut film “Friend”, who was a friend of the first entertainer, Hyeon Bin, and I thank you again.

He continued, “I find myself looking back at the past [10 years]… and worrying if I’m doing well. I will work even harder in the future!”

Lee Si Eon then explained that the photo was taken behind the scenes of his first-ever drama “Friend, Our Legend,” which he filmed with Hyun Bin back in 2009.

The photo was released in 2009, the drama ‘friend’ Ishian and Hyun Bin. The two are taking a commemorative photo of the V mark with affection.

Lee Si Eon most recently appeared in JTBC’s “Welcome to Waikiki 2” and tvN’s “Abyss.”

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