‘Couple of love’ Love in the relationship – Lee Seung-yeon became a couple.

Lee Pil-mo – Seo Soo-yeon had a private wedding ceremony on September 9 in Seoul. The wedding ceremony was held by Lee Myung – mo and his brother, Son Hyun – joo.

TV CHOSUN ‘Love Taste’ met in the marriage to get married Lee Pil-ha – Seo Soo-yeon expressed their love to each other since the first meeting. After resolving the marriage, Lee was introduced to Seo Su-yeon at his performing arts venue.

As a result, the couple became couples for the first time as couples who met with ‘taste of love’ and proved that broadcasting was real. Lee Pil-mo – Seo Su-yeon and his wife are planning to start their honeymoon at Lee’s home.

A number of acquaintances visited the wedding ceremony on the day and congratulated them. In particular, the four brothers of the “Sol Pharmacy Sons” attended the wedding and attracted attention. First, Son Hyun-joo was in charge of society. Third, Han Sang-jin and Ji Chang-wook, who came out of military service during the military service, gathered together to share joy.

addition, comedian Kim Kyong-sik, Kim Jae-wook, and broadcaster Ijian celebrated by uploading their wedding photos. The crowd filled the wedding ceremony with the friendship of Lee, Phil-mo and Seo Su-yeon.

On the other hand, TV CHOSUN has proposed to the wife of Lee,

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