OCN The new original “Lies of All” was confirmed by Lee Min Ki and Yu Yeong. It will be broadcasted in the second half of this year.

‘The Lies of All (Directed by Lee Yoon-jung / Screenplay: Jeon Young Sin, Won Yu-jeong / Producer: Studio Dragon)’ depicts a woman who is a member of parliament and a detective who follows the truth with her to save a missing husband after her father’s sudden death . The story of two people breaking silence to live like a person in a lie and a silence spit out for their comfort in the modern society will be drawn with tension. Lee Yoon-jung, the master of sensuous production, took mega-phon and writer Jeon Yeong-shin and writer Yoo Jeong-won.

First, Lee Min – gi looks like a car at first glance, but he knows many more and noble criminal ‘Tae – shik’ takes charge. Cho Tae-sik was a job, a hobby, and a skill to catch the killer because he was fortunate enough to be fortunate to his natural talent and abundant motivation. But now I am living in a different life of 180 degrees and have applied for a police station in a rare rural village. While living a quiet and ordinary life, I accidentally take the case of Kim Seung-chul, a father of Kim Seo-hee (Yu-young), and realize that this is not a simple traffic accident. As Kim Seo-hee and I solve the case, we throw our bodies and investigate and remind ourselves of the intention as a police officer.

Yu-yeong decided to appear with her youngest daughter, Kim Seo-hee, who has both wealth and honor. I have a gorgeous appearance, but I can not compare to my sister who does anything in the house and does not meet the expectation of the house. However, he is a person who has received the absolute love of his father, a highly respected member of parliament. I met my husband through house-to-house encounters and thought that he was bondage, With the sudden death of his father, the disappeared husband, and the feeling of catching straw, he becomes a member of parliament to save the secret behind his father ‘s death and his missing husband.

Lee Min Ki and Yu Yoon find out the manipulated conspiracy as they solve the case and realize the enormous truth. Lee Min-gi said, “It is a genre challenging for the first time. I am glad to work with Yoon-jung boss again and I am more excited to be with you.” I am looking forward to cooperating with Lee Yun-jung and Lee Min-ki actor. I will concentrate on my body and mind to draw ‘Kim Seo-hee’ character well. ”

Lee Min-ki and Yu-young who are exhibiting charming performances with various characters crossing OCN, movie and drama, are going to create what works. ‘All lies’ is scheduled to be broadcast first in the second half of this year.

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