The actor Lee Min-ho has communicated with his fans through SNS live broadcasting for the first time since he was released.

Lee Min-ho, who is staying in Paris, France, started live broadcasting on the afternoon of the 20th (Korea time) and naturally released his schedule and was answering to the fans who greeted with comments.

Even though the live started without surprise, 60,000 fans from around the world attended and proved Lee Minho’s status.

“I got up today and ready to shoot tomorrow,” said Lee Minho, who arrived in Paris early in the morning. Lee Minho said, “I am getting ready for a personal photo shoot, and I am getting ready.” I promised that I would be surprised at the first time I started Insta Live and would like to say hello for a while. He then greeted many international fans including Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. On the other hand, Lee Minho resigned after the service of social worker on April 25th. As a returning artist, he chose Kim Eun-sook’s new work, The King: Eternal Monarch. The King of Eternity, the returning work of Lee Minho, is a kind of imperial emperor who is trying to close the door of the world against the evil spirits of the demon in the background of the ‘parallel world’ In order to protect the love of the Korean peninsula and the (Munhwa), the Korean criminal Jeong Tae ”

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