Lee Mi Young explained about the various rumors at the time of the divorce and singer jeonyoungrok

Lee Mi Yeong said, “We recorded gambling when we got divorced, had an affair, and failed in business. There were a lot of words such as failure to do business. But when love breaks down, it will not be able to accept everything.

In 1978, at the age of 17, Lee Mi-young, who won the 4,000-to-1 competition for ‘Miss Hae-tae’, debuted in the entertainment industry with MBC Talent in 1979. After enjoying popularity with commercials and dramas, he became acquainted with the top star, Jeon Yeongrok, who appeared in the 1983 film “The Spring of the College Freshman Student”.

He married him in 1985 and left the entertainment industry. (33) and the former Uram (32). In May of 2017, the former group left the group ‘Tiara’ and turned to actor. Woram is a member of the group ‘Di Unit’.

Lee Mi-young said, “I did not declare my retirement,” Lee Mi-young said, “I was at home but I did not think of retirement because I did not want to work.

After splitting in 12 years of marriage, Mi-young lived like a person who had fallen asleep and lost her life to forget the difficult situation.

Kim Soo-mi (70), a talented person, raised her to the stage. Lee Mi-young said, “Even if it is difficult, I must wake up.” Think about the child, you should not wiggle.

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