Actor Park Tae-in returns to the anime theater after confirming his role as Lee Kyung-ah in MBN-drama’s new drama ‘Elegant House’.

On the 17th, WS Entertainment said, “Park Tae-in has selected MBN-drama’s new drama” Elegant House “as a comeback after two years. In addition, Park will return to Park Young-lin, who was born before the re-opening of this work, and will carry on doing his best with a bright energy. ”

‘Elegant House’ (Sam Won Networks, produced by Kwon Min-soo) is a mystery melodrama that deals with the secrets of the jugglers and the stories of the owner’s risk team surrounding them. He talks about the story of a chaplain heiress who lost his mother in the murder case 15 years ago, and a third-rate lawyer who works with money to dig up the truth of the day.

Park Young is a media journalist from the law school of the drama, and plays the role of the head of the media promotion team of the TOP team, which is responsible for the MC group ‘s press release, internet public opinion manipulation, and MC group family’ s image making. She pretends to be chic and cool, but she is transformed into an innocent playboy who is jealous and intends to attract women even when she is old enough to attract a man.

Previously, Park Yeong-lin shows her unique unique charm by showing her acting skills accumulated through a number of dramas such as SBS ‘Sweet Enemy’, KBS2 ‘Blood’, SBS ‘Your Woman’, tvN ‘ come.
actor Lee Gyu-han confirmed his appearance on MBN’s new drama ‘Elegant Family’.

The drama “Elegant House”, which will be broadcasted first in August, is a mystery melodrama that deals with the secrets of the jugglers and the stories of the owner risk team surrounding them. 15 years ago, the story of a chaplain heiress who lost her mother in a murder case and a third-rate lawyer who works with money, digs out the truth of the day.

With the romance of the two men and women, as well as the crisis management system that manages the owners’ risk, it will be illuminated for the first time, and the swirls of greed and intrigue surrounding inheritance hidden under the family name will be drawn.

Lee Gyu-han played the role of fulfilling the MC group’s eldest son. I have always tried to be recognized by my mother who loves only my younger sister since childhood, but I was raised by listening to my eldest son who always lacks 30%. It is a character whose self-esteem has fallen and is hollow. Currently, he is a film director and director of a film production company. He is kind and pleasant to people, but he is a liberal mentor to alcoholic holly. Smoke breathing with Lim Suk-hyang, who plays the role of Mok Se-hee, also brings hope.

“My Little Baby,” “My Wife,” “I love money,” “I am a policeman,” and “Chan and Flower,” “When Spring Comes,” “My Mother Is Beautiful,” “Bodyguard,” and so on. The writer took his hand. Lee Jang-woo, Lim Soo-hyang, and Bae Jong-ok.

On the other hand, MBN’s new drama ‘Elegant Family’ is scheduled for the first broadcast in August.

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