‘Running Man’ Lee Kwang-soo, a lover in public love Lee Sun Bin was shed on the mention.

SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’ broadcast on the afternoon of 9, asked the nickname of Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin was drawn.

On this day, the members of the group played ‘Talk Ball 5,4,3,2,1’. As the questions asked by the PD increased, it was a game that had to be answered with words that decreased by one letter.

PD asked Jeon Sang-min, “What is your ideal type?” And Saeng-min said, “Good-looking person” in five letters. PD then asked Lee Kwang-su, “What is your nickname?”

Lee Sun Bin and publicly in love with Lee Kwang-soo easily hesitated to answer the nickname question hesitation and eventually did not pass the game to hear the origin of the members. Kim Jong Kook pointed out Yang Jae-chan and said, “Are you going to play in front of the boy now? I’m squeezing even if I do not have a child.”

Lee Kwang-soo said, “I should be in four letters,” but Jeon Sang-min and Yoo Jae-seok insisted, “I do not have a nickname or a giraffe girl.”

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