The actor Lee Jung-hyun joined the ranks of out of stock.

Lee Sung-hyun’s wedding scene was unveiled at the SBS ‘full-on entertainment night’ on the 9th.

Lee Jung-hyun, who boasts of the usual gold connections, attended many wedding ceremonies including Lee Min-jung, Lee Byung-hun, Son Ye Jin, Ko So Young, Hyun Kyung Oh, Sung Yu Lee, Han Ji-hye, Tae Won Baek, Baek Ji Young and Seo Hyeon.

Lee Min-jeong said, “I would like to congratulate you on your marriage too, and give me a pretty baby, thank you very much.” Seohyun said, “I was the first to hear from you. The bridegroom who takes her to me seems to have saved the world.

Lee Jung – hyun said, “My bridegroom is introduced to my sister who is close to me, and she is a little younger than me, but she is very mature.

“I love children so much that if I really have time, I want to have three,” he said. Lee Jung-hyun’s wedding was held in Park Kyung-rim’s society, Baek Ji-young’s celebration.

Lee Jung-hyun, who interviewed “Midnight” after the wedding ceremony, said, “I was very nervous and trembled.

Lee Jung-hyun asked, “I remember a memorable episode.” “A bouquet was held by a male guest, so Sung-yuri, who was next to him, was sorry.

Lee Jung-hyun, “the feeling of being away from her husband as soon as the wedding ceremony,” asked “I want to see” affection. As for the nickname, “I just call it a baby,” she said, admiring the mixture.

Lee Jung-hyun said, “As soon as I saw him, I thought I wanted him to like me, and I met him because he liked me so much, and when I met him after work, he looked at his X-rays again and thought about his prescription. .

Lee Jung-hyun, who expressed his affection, “I am very young and I do not feel like I am young at all. I want to be with you all my life until I die. I also sent video letters.

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