“Others are hell Yim Si-wan, Lee Dong Wook, yijeongeun such appearances confirmed, half organized

gosiwon of actors yijeongeun, Hyeon-wook Lee, Park Jong-hwan, a double jade OCN second dramatic Cinema others is hell” (a play Jung also directing Hee) They are joined together by people, and they make a concert with Dong-wan and Dong-wook who have confirmed their appearance before. OCN posted a cast teaser image on October 17. “This was hell. A horrible hell created by others, “is an intoxicating narrator of the immortal sneaky curiosity about the drama.

The thriller that ‘a stranger is a hell’ is a young man who started a new life in Seoul unexpectedly faces a hell created by others. Following the news that the original Naver Webtoon with a stunning hits record will be imaged, the cast of the actor Won Jong Woo and the dentist ‘Seo Moon Jo’, Lee Dong Wook, became known and became a hot topic. Among them, Casting of others in Gosiwon, who gives hell to Yun Jongwoo, attracted the attention of the youngest.

Lee Jung – eun played the role of the master of the. At first glance, he seems to be a kind and warm person, but his behavior is always somewhere. Actor Lee Jung Eun, who showed a real life act that immerses the viewers in the drama through drama ‘Mr. Sean Shine’ and ‘Knowing Wife’. It won the Best Supporting Actress Award in the TV category for ‘Snowing’ at the BaekSang Arts Grand Prix held on the last day, and proved its best performance. This time, the character who is hiding the truth behind the benevolent face will bring about dramatic tension to be disassembled.

Movie ‘target’, ‘island’. Actor Lee Hyun-wook, who showed intense performances through the “Disappeared People”, plays the 302 Organized Revolution, which everyone in Goshiwon is afraid of. Although Gosiwon is a next-door man who comes to Yun Jong-woo who is unfamiliar with it, it also causes a strange sense of fear through unusual behavior such as wearing long sleeves in summer.

Park Jong-hwan, who has come up with ‘Chungmuro ​​Blue Chip’ with colorful performances, plays Gohwon 306 ‘Varied Gongjong’. The man, who makes a bad habit of hurting people around with harsh horses and bizarre laughs, sees it all at once because of the somewhat lacking appearance and tone of voice, but the cruel nature is hidden behind the laughing smile.

Finally, in the movie ‘Extreme Profession’, which collected 16 million viewers, it opened with the role of drug addict and divides into actor ‘s double – With his running shirt, curling, and uncomfortable impressions from his appearance, Yoon Jong-woo has been staring at him from the first day of his visit to Gosiwon and watching him secretly.

The second work of OCN’s dramatic cinema, ‘The others are hell’. Dramatic Cinema is a project launched in 2019 to combine the formats of movies and drama with the genre of famous genre OCN, and to produce well-made genres through a high-level story of film directing and drama . In this way, the original story of webtoon was able to collect topics from the beginning of the series, and the images that are full of nervousness and tension are added, and it is anticipated to build more solidly.

He won the Best Film Award at the 10th Mise-en-scene short film festival, and directed the director Lee Chang-hee, who received criticism and criticism from the audience for his film “Disappeared Night” released last year. In addition, Jung-ee, who was attracted attention by rewriting the original webtoon through ‘Save me 1’ as a drama full of tension, writer also writes.

‘The other is hell’ will be broadcast on OCN in the second half of this year.

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