Lee Jang-woo and Lim Soo- hye are interested in attracting attention with ‘elegant elegance’.

Actor Lee Jang-woo Lim, a member of Suhyeop’s agency, said on April 16, “We are considering the appearance on MBN’s new drama” Eleanor, “directed by Han Cheol-su /

‘Elegant Autumn’ is a drama depicting the ‘Top Team’ who manages the ‘Owner Risk’, which means the damage caused by the deviation of the owner’s family.

Lee Jang-woo is expected to act as a lawyer and a top-team agent, Huh Yoon-do, from Samryu University. Lee Jang-woo’s agency said, “We received the proposal, and we are currently reviewing it positively.”

Im Sui-hyang wrote a ridiculous act, but in fact, she is considering her appearance as a role-playing actor, Mok Se-hee, who is trying to find Jin-bum who killed her mother. “I have been suggested to appear but it is still under review, nothing is decided,” Lim said.

Schedule for the second half of this year.

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