actor Lee Dong-wook confirmed the appearance of OCN’s second dramatic cinema ‘The other is hell’ (dramatic jungido , directing Lee Chang-hee).

The thriller that ‘a stranger is a hell’ is a young man who started a new life in Seoul unexpectedly faces a hell created by others. Lee Dong Wook is a dentist ‘Seomun Jo’ who runs a dental clinic located near Gosiwon. Based on his artistic sensitivity, he becomes an assistant to Jung Woo (Shim Wan) who is living in a strange Seoul life.

Lee Dong-wook, who has built his own acting colors in many works such as ‘Gekibibi’, ‘Life’, ‘Sincerity’, etc., is interested in what kind of acting he is going to show and what kind of transformation he is going to do with his first challenge. . “The others are hell.” The production team said, “Besides expressing ‘good looks’, Lee Dong-wook expresses his delicate expressions even if he plays any role, and it is a perfect cast for the dentist’s introduction. Lee Dong-wook is going to show another attraction with his previous genre, and the producers are also looking forward to it. ”

Naebwaltoon, the same name that was completed earlier this year, is the original, as it is already well known that “the other person is hell” which explodes with casting alone, until Lee Dong Wook, This work has been a stunning story since the beginning of the series, and has produced a remarkable record of 800 million views on cumulative views based on the completion date and the # 1 ranking of 39 consecutive weeks on the Sunworld.

More importantly, it is the second work of OCN’s dramatic cinema project, ‘The Other is Hell’. Dramatic Cinema, a project that started in 2019 to create a well-mouthed genre by combining the format of film and drama, and the filmmakers’ intentions to create the edge of the film and the dense story of the drama. Trap, which was the first film in February this year, is a movie-like differentiated genre that sets the stage for the success of this project.

‘Other is Hell’ is also planned as a dramatic cinema, and the film is full of nervous and nervous stories, making it look more solid. Following the ‘Trap’, the film director will direct the film. Lee Chang-hee won the best film award at the 10th Mise-en-scene short film festival and won the best film prize in the film “The Dance”. Jung, who was attracted attention by rebuilding the original Webtoon through ‘Save me 1’ as a drama full of tension, writer also writes.

‘The other is hell’ will be broadcast on OCN in the second half of this year.

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