Lee Dae-hwi and Kang Min-ah appear in ‘Yeonnam-dong Global House’.

Among the leading actors of the SBS short-form drama “Yeonnam-dong Global House” (production: SBS Moby Dick, Convergence TV / Directed by Playboy: Park Sun-jae / Producer: Kim Kyung Tae) scheduled to air in October 2019, Lee Dae-hwi of the AB6IX Was unveiled on June 21 at the SBS Moby Dick’s third anniversary event.

‘Yeonnam-dong Global House’ is a romantic comedy drama that shares world-wide discourses on romance through stories about love and work of six charming global men and women living in Seoul’s Luxury Global Share House.

Lee Dae-hui, who is the best idol singer and has been loved in recent entertainments, has selected ‘Yeonnam-dong Global House’ as a work that takes his first step as an actor among many scenarios that he had in mind. I am determined to do my best in the works with many expectations of the fans from home and abroad.

Lee Dae-hwi (actor) ‘s actor’ Dong Jinwoo ‘is a successful real estate investor who has lost his parents at a young age and grew up in his grandmother’ s hands, It is a role. Nationality As a center of the Yeonnam-dong Global House where the youths of different youths co-exist, they are in love with each other by catching the densely interfering and mutilating in the privacy of the heroine ‘Kangyu Na’.

The Webdroid goddess Kang Min-ah, who was loved as the web drama A-tin 2, plays the role of ‘Kang Yu-na’ as the heroine character. As a student, he is employed as a staff member of Yeonnam-dong Global House. He creates various friendships with romance and global youths with a crushing house owner ‘Dong Jinwoo (Lee Dae-hwi)’.

‘Yeonnam-dong Global House’ is expected to be the first collaborative production drama of ‘SBS Moby Dick’, a mobile content supreme, and ‘Convergence TV (CEO Choi Jeong-yeol)’, After the casting is completed, it will be filmed in August 2019 and will be released through domestic and overseas channels in October 2019.

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