According to Nielsen Korea on the 17th, the MBC drama ‘The Banker’ broadcasted on the 16th recorded ratings of 31 and 5.7 percent and 32 times and 7.0 percent respectively.

That’s up from the 4.3% of the last broadcast, and on November 15, ‘Doctor Prisoner’ ended with ‘The Banker’ recording its highest rating.

KBS 2TV ‘Doctor Prisoner’ special fare ‘Goodbye Doctor Prisoner’, which was broadcast on the same time slot, recorded 5.2% and 5.1%. SBS ‘Absolute Guy’ was 3.1% in 3 times and 3.5% in 4 times, up from 2.4% of last broadcast.

On the other hand, ‘The Banker’ is a financial office investigation puzzle that explores the corruption cases of the organization along with the staffs of the ‘Capability Mangreb’ auditors, who are unexpectedly promoted to the auditor of the head office. Subsequently, “Spring Night” will be broadcast on the 22nd.

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