‘I love you in the beginning’ Kim Young-kwang and Jin Ji Joo Kim Jae Kyung come together in one place.

Kim Young-kwang (D Min-Ik), Jin Ki-ju (Jeong Kang-hee) and Kim Jae-kyung (Veronica Park) gathered together in the SBS drama “I Love You” It catches the eye with the notice of the meeting.

Veronica Park (Kim Jae-kyung) has learned that Jeong Kang-hee (Jin Ji-hoo) imitates her person and Da Min-ik (Kim Young-kwang) So she is pushing the double life of Jung Kang-hee and concentrating on her unexpected talk about behaving like a real Veronica for a month.

Among the publicly released still cuts, three people are gathered together, especially Jeong Kang-hee and Veronika Park, which attracts attention. Jeong Kang-hee is sitting in front of Dominik with a colorful attire pretending to be Veronica Park. Veronica Park, on the other hand, is dressed as a secretary’s uniform, except for the gorgeous designer clothes and accessories, so she is curious what the two men are planning.

In addition, the conflicting expressions of the three people imply that the situation is unimportant. Veronica Park’s first visit to her office is a disgust, while her assistant Veronica Park is actively approaching her, and she is not sweating, and she is watching her with a nervous expression about what Veronika Park will say.

In the meantime, while strangely tense between the two, Veronica Park is showing a meaningful smile that seems to be enjoying the situation, and the three people wonder why for some reason they have met.

The production crew said, “Please carefully watch the emotions of Jung Kang-hee and Dae-min, who change into the plan of Veronica Park, who holds a key key in meeting three people.”

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