‘Love in seconds, and Kim Young-kwang rare note breathtaking romance is deeper.

In the SBS drama ‘I Love You in the Grass’, which is broadcasted on the 21st, I raised my expectation of DaeMin (Kim Young-kwang) and Jung Kang-hee (Jin Gi)

On the past 20 days, the two people have confirmed their faith in each other and the relationship has become clearer. In addition to working alone in the hotel room to prepare for the general meeting of shareholders, it is also a situation in which a strange airflow is formed by a confession of a call by Dang Min-ik, who said that he is “pretty” to Jung Kang-hee.

The photos of the two people in the public photos are also stimulating curiosity. The cute expression of Jeong Kang-hee, who smiles brightly with a warm smile, is nervous.

Especially, Jeong Kang-hee, who confessed that he did not reach out to Dankook, is holding him as if he does not want to miss him. It is noteworthy that this beach date will create a deeper affection between the two people.

‘I love you in the beginning’ will be broadcasted at 10 pm on the 21st.

Kim Young-gwang, ‘I love you in the beginning’, Kim

Young-gwang is confused.

In the SBS drama ‘I Love You at the Beginning’ (directed by Lee Kwang-young / dramatic Kim Jae-jeong / production Beyond Jay), today’s (May 21) drama Min Min Lee (Kim Young-kwang)

On the day of the assault, a riot driver was hit by a conspiracy to assault the driver, and he was in danger of being dismissed from his seat. He climbed the podium to unveil his position at the general shareholders’ meeting and was surprised that he was puzzled by the faces of people who seemed suddenly clear.

The face of Jung Kang-hee (Jin Ji-hui) usually shows up clearly and she wondered what kind of occasion the person who saw her face was seen.

In addition, his appearance of Jeong Kang-hee and Veronica Park (Kim Jae-kyung) sitting in the same spot is being revealed more and more attention. While Jeong Kang-hee in the open photo looks nervous and nervous, Veronica Park is watching him with a more relaxed look. It is interesting to see what kind of action you will take when you see the contrast between the two people.

In addition, Dae-Min’s rival, Jeong Kang-hee, imitates Veronica Park as a real mistake she confessed, and Jung Kang-hee is growing more and more of him. There is a real Veronica Park between these two people, so whether Daemink can really recognize Veronica Park, Jeong Kang-hee is expecting that he will not double his life.

I can confirm what kind of story will be unfolded among the three people in SBS monthly drama ‘I love you in the beginning’ which is broadcasted at 10:00 pm on the 21st (today).

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