‘Let Your Song Lyrics’ confirmed actors Lee Si Won, Kim Sang Kyun and Yoo Gun appearances and completed an attractive casting lineup.

KBS 2TV New Moonwha drama “Let Your Songs Be Lied” (Directed by Lee Jung-mi / Playwright Kim Min Joo / Produced JP E & M) will be broadcasted in the coming July. The truth that the Timpannist who lost all memories of ” It is a mystery loco to visit.

In particular, it has become a hot topic with the fresh encounters of Yiwoo Jin (Jang Yoon), Kim Se-jung (Hong Yi-yung), Song Jae-rim (Nam Ju Wan) and Park Ji-yeon The news makes the ears of prospective viewers ears.

First of all, Seo-won, who is a brain, sex, and actress from Seoul National University, played the role of Kim Se- The child psychiatrist, Hong Soo-young (Lee, Siwon), is an eight-figure beauty who has the beauty and the intelligence as well as the fighter temperament. He is a nickname like “crazy hong” but he is a devoted person to his cousin brother Hong-yong (Kim Se-jung). It is expected that Hong Soo-young will be crushing what Lee will show.

Kim Sang-gyun, who was born in Produce 101 Season 2, has been missed by Moon Jae-hyung, a pro-amateur sniper. Kim Sang-gyun will perform hotly, Moon-jae is a hip-hop dancer and barrister. But Hongyoung is a spine breaker. I am curious about the relationship between Kim Se-jung and the relationship between them.

Finally, Yoo Gun is a good mentor of Kim Se-jung. Michael Lee is a Korean-American, orchestra’s chief timpanist. He is a veteran of experience in the world’s leading orchestras. Yoon is expected to infuse Kim Se-jung and a warm-blooded priest Kimmi as a mentor honored by Hong-yong.

The actress Lee Si-won, Kim Sang-gyun, and Yoon-geun who raise the Honam Jim’s index of “Let’s sing your song” will lead the chemistry with Kim Se-jung with the person who induces healing and rage of the Timpaniist Hong- to be.

KBS 2TV new monthly drama “Let’s sing your song” will draw the first broadcast in July, which will draw a richer story with the merging of Lee Si Won, Kim Sang Kyun and Yoon Gun.

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