actor Kim Nam-gil, showed confidence in the face-to-face confrontation between Kim Sung-kyun and Gojun.

Actor Kim Nam-gil appeared on the live invite of KBS2 ‘entertainment party broadcast’ broadcasted on the 3rd afternoon.

MC Shin Hyun-joon introduced Kim Nam-gil as “Learning is a person’s smell,” and they praised each other and brought out a good feeling.

exceeded the ear gimnamgil “” adoring priests’ rating is 22%. I have been on a reward for going to a good drama, but I have not realized it yet, “he smiled shyly.

Especially, he talked about Lee, Sung Kyun and Kimi. Kim Nam-gil said, “I used to have a drama together with Lee. Kim Sung-gyun and acquaintances are familiar with each other, “he said. In addition, “I was the same age as Kim Sung-gyun, I thought it was a long time,” he laughed.

In addition, he answered “yes” to the question “I’m the most handsome of Goseon, Kim Sung Kyun and Kim Nam Gil.” Also, he focused his attention on his disgrace as his charm.

Kim Sung-gyun said, “In the past six months, I have been suffering from a sadness,” he said, adding, “I would like to join with Kim Nam-gil.”

actor Kim Nam-gil said that he thought the awards were self-discipline training.

Kim Nam-gil appeared in the ‘live gigs’ of KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Artists’ broadcast on the 3rd night.

When Kim Nam-gil asked what kind of vacation he was on the day, he said, “I thought it was self-discipline training.

He said, “I’ve been there for the first time, but Kim Sung-Kyun has given me a lot of tips on how to get a reward for the third time.” Kim Sung-gyun did not know that he was a box-office actor and he said, “I do not do anything. I said, “I laughed.

Kim Nam-gil said, “I really did not know that it would come out like this.

“I did not have a chance to experience it directly because I got a chance to win a prize, to publicize it, and to entertain a celebrity,” he said.

He also said, “I actually thought I was your brother, but it was hard to tell when I first met.

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