On June 15, the SBS gilt drama ‘The Rise of Blood Priests’ (Playboy Park Jae-bum, Director Lee Myung-woo) depicted Jeong Dong-ja (Jung Young-ju), who opens a press conference on bribery of employees.

In the past, Gimhae learned that the mayor, the chief of police, the member of parliament, It grasped the cohesion of old cart cartels and raided the sites where bad food service providers and ward offices exchanged bribes.

This fact was known to the press, and Dong-dong held a press conference. Kim Hae-il (Kim Nam-il) appeared here and revealed the secret book that the employees of the Gwadong city office received bribes for the past three years.

Park Kyung-sun came to guess about the identity of Kim Hae Il. When the tsunami informed the world about the corruption, it came back to Kang Seok-tae (Kim Hyung-mook), saying, “I will take care of resignation of Wanghatsu Food and District Director.”

Former Daeyoung kept secrets among the threat of life. Hwang Chul-bum was released and his leg was released on the way home. He said to himself, “I did well.

Park refused to issue a warrant for bribery in the detention center. He said, “Let’s take everything away,” he said, threatening the health of the Wuhan Ward Office and the public servants of prostitution. After all, Hwang Chul-bum’s family was released.

After that, Gimhae Il called Park Kyung-sun and said, “Let’s do the other thing, I use the sick child,” and Park Kyung-seon said, “Okay, good work with your priest. “I was jealous of Seo Seung-a (gold bird).

On the other hand, Hwang Chul-bum realized that the person who took out the villain through the CCTV was 쏭 쏭 ((창) and 요 한 (규). Jang Ryong (Moo Mun-seok) dragged two people and Kim Hae-il ran for one month. However, Gimhae was assaulted by Hwang Chul-bum and fell.

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