Yoo Se-yoon challenged Kim Jong-guk and brace training (?).

In the SBS ‘Ugly Woof’ (‘Miu bird’) broadcast on the night of the 10th, Kim Jong Kook produced a second video of ‘Bond Training’ with Yoo Se-yoon.

Yoo Se-yoon asked Kim Jong-gook in the boxing field where he was exercising and asked, “Is not your brother a video topic?” Previously, Yoo Se-yoon made a video about Kim Jong-guk and uploaded it to his personal SNS.

This image has become a big issue since it has been uploaded to famous foreign sites. Kim said, “I did not know this was going to be such a hot topic.”

Yoo Se-yoon said, “People ask me when this is the second one.” “I’m a finger artist,” and decided to shoot a second shot.

The two men practiced while doing boxing, and Yoo Se-yoon took a concept for Kim Jong-kuk and went into practice. Yoo Se-yoon shouted “One Two One,” then “Head Hair” and hit Kim Jong Kook’s head.

Kim Jong-kook was confused by Yoo Se-yoon’s head and he was worried that people were “really angry”.

Since then, the two have just begun to snap the footage. However, Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Se-yoon could not stand laughing, so NG came out.

Finally, Yoo Se-yoon took the video and uploaded it to his SNS with the title “Kim Jong Kook beat me for the first time”. As the video goes up,

On the other hand, Hong Jin Young prepared her birthday on her birthday. Hong Jin-young said, “My sister is going to have a chicken-breast-seaweed station when I diet.”

Hong Jin-young has cooked quickly from seaweed soup, to bulgogi, to soup with excellent cooking skills. However, Hong Seon Young found the chicken breast seaweed soup and said, “I will thank you for your boil, but do not put your chicken breast next time.”

Afterwards, Kim Shin-young, Shinji and Lee Do-hee appeared to celebrate Hong Sun-young’s birthday. Hong Sun Young said, “I did not have any liver,” and I did not like Hong Jin-young’s cooking, but Kim Shin-yeong praised it as “I can patronize it.

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