Kim Dong-hee has penetrated the Netflix Korea original drama ‘Human lesson’.

A drama official said on the 17th, “The actor Kim Dong-hee is going to be the protagonist of human lesson.

Kim Dong-hee has taken the lead role of twin son Cha Seo-jun of Yunseo (Noh Seung-hye) and Kim Byung-chul (Cha Min-hyeok) at JTBC ‘SKY Castle’, which recorded the highest non-terrestrial rating. It has provided a good sense of disassembly to the pure-skinned man who does not bother at the castle and is sensitive. It was his first mini series debuting with the web drama ‘Eatin’.

The ‘human lesson’ chosen as the next work is a school that deals with the things that happen in teenagers’ schools and the things around them. The change of facial expression, as well as the lack of sociality, the heroine index has come to change the changes that come with friends Gyuri. It is not an ordinary school. There are also temptations around teenagers that are easy to fall into, and they are increasing tension.

In particular, this work attracts attention with the bite of a new artist who is the son of the 90’s representative star writer Song Ji-na, who wrote ‘Hourglass,’ ‘Eye of the Dawn,’ and ‘ I have been working with Netflix to give more opportunities to new writers and to be a dramatist to my son after my mother. It is noteworthy what kind of synergy will show between the new artist, Jin-bird and the new Kim Dong-hee.

Netflix is ​​actively working on Korean original drama, starting with the drama ‘Kingdom’ series. ‘I like it when I like it’, ” It is my first love ”, ” Health teacher Ahn Eun-young, ” Naholro Ye Dae ‘and so on.

‘Human lesson’ started shooting now. Kim Jin-min PD, who directed drama ‘The Age of Heroes’, ‘Time of Dogs and Wolves’, ‘Mushin’, ‘Lawless Lawyer’ etc.

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