Net Entertainment company Netflix (Netflix) have confirmed the production of the original series ‘human lessons’ Make and release the main cast together.

‘Human lessons’ is a series of Netflix original stories about a schoolboy making a serious crime to make money, and stories about conflicts, incidents, and loss of humanity that are happening when friends and others are unintentionally linked to this crime. Kim Jin-min, who has been known for his excellent performance in various works ranging from “Time of dogs and wolves” to “Marriage contracts”

In the main role of ‘human lesson’, new actors selected by audition were cast. In the main character index section, Kim Dong-hee, who took a picture of a snowboard with a twin-shaped car, Seo-joon, was named in SKY Castle, the top blockbuster film in the first half of the year. Kim Dong-hee plays a role of a high school student index who will make a choice between the university and the university.

Actor Jung Da-Bin, who was a child of ‘Ice Cream Girl’ who was loved by the nation, also auditioned for Minhee. Minhee is a classmate who gets confused by the crime of the index. Jung Dae-bang foreshows the leap to the actor beyond the cute image through this work.

Park Joo-hyun, who came from the Korea National University of Arts, which has been attracting attention due to its strong acting power, has been recognized as the main actor in the audition. Gyuri, who attends a high school like the index, is a character who happens to be involved in his crimes after he knows the facts of the index by accident.

On the other hand, ‘Human lesson’, together with Kim Dong Hee, JungDa Bin, and Park Joo Hyun, also made a cast of major roles that will enrich the works. Min-hee’s boyfriend, Kita, is in the spotlight as a model, Nam Yoon-soo takes on the role of a new actor. You are strong enough to support your new actors. Choi Minsoo, the actor who gives the center of the play with charismatic acting, plays the role of Jin-woo, the teacher of the index, who has played the role of Wang Chul, the covert assistant of the index, unquestionably in realistic acting. Lee Cheong-gyeong Gyeongsanghae Gyeonggyeong Station was completed by the actress Kim Jin-jin, who is regarded as the face of the castle.

Netflix original series “Human lesson” which announced production confirmation and casting news was produced by Studio 329 and is going to be released through Netflix.

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