JTBC geumto received attention as actress Kim Bo-ra gimhyena role in the drama ‘SKY Castle (Castle Sky) has confirmed the sequel.

The 28-day lifetime channel said, “We have confirmed the production of digital original web drama ‘Ear Cinderella’ and cast actor Kim Bo-ra in the main character Mina.”

‘Ear Cinderella’ is a haunted romance that begins with a strange man ghost coming to the ‘Nuclear Assault’ star Minea (Kim Bo-ra), who began to see ghosts from the age of 18 and became a lonely person. The plan is to show the difference from the existing drama by combining the fantasy material that is getting popular again in the popular web drama format that gets the sympathy of the teenagers and 20s.

Kim Bo-ra has been cast in the main character Mina, who has the ability to see ghosts, and Jin-su, the main character of the ghost, is a casting star of Lee Jong-won, a rising star actor who plays a big role in the web drama ‘ done. Here, Jeong Hee Young, Lim Jung Bin, Jin Woo Jin and other young trendy actors will join in to create another web drama success story.

The web drama ‘Cinderella’, which will comfort everyone who expresses the reality of the 20s in a sensible way and feels lonely in the heart, will be filmed for the first time in January and will be broadcasted first through the YouTube channel of Lifetime in February.

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