Compared to famous names at the same time as Nam Joo Hyuk , Seo Kang Joon , Ji Soo or Woo Do Hwan , Jang Ki Yong is not inferior and sometimes holds the “more” part when referring to talented acting. his works. Meanwhile, Nana has proved her strength through tvN’s cult The Good Wife project . The combination of both the projects Kill It (roughly translated: Access Sat ) of OCN has led fans could not relax. Especially when Kill It comes from the “cradle” of Korean criminal film.

1. “visual” party of Korean talented young long legs
Rarely are any dramas that the couple can guarantee all six elements: young, healthy, beautiful, “cool”, long-legged and talented. Body is the “chicken” of YG model management company Kplus, Jang Ki Yong is always appreciated for looks, acting talent in any project ever participated. Nana also comes from the model world, being a member of After School’s band with beauty always ranked high in idol circles. And an obvious fact that many fans have recognized, rare couples have “equal” temperament like Jang Ki Yong and Nana .

South Korea does not lack the names of veterans of action movies, but the names of the 9x generation that can handle this type of role can only be counted on the fingers. Jang Ki Yong and Nana are one of the few young actors who “tackles” idols, smoothing out high-tech action scenes like in Kill It .

Newly aired for two episodes, the audience was treated with a series of “big screen” performances of the main couple. No longer is his acting land “the eyebrow” often seen on the screen, Nana is no less than your acting though there is still little experience.

2. Thrilling pursuit with beautiful action scenes right from the beginning
Kim Soo Hyun had to rush into a series of quests right from the start. Aiming to find his family, he accepted to follow the instructions of a mysterious client. From the fierce gun battle to rescue Pavel (David McInnis), carrying out a dangerous mission, Kim Soo Hyun gave the audience impressive performances. Besides, female police officer Do Hyun Jin is also willing to engage in direct confrontation with dangerous criminals.

3. The “cool” female lead can overwhelm anyone
Do Hyun Jin ( Nana ) appeared in Kill It with the aim of shooting “hard to hit”. The young policewoman dealt with all her goals with her divine darts. Once a ballet dancer before “turning” to police, Do Hyun Jin proved his strength, toughness when he “swung” himself to investigate evidence on the cliff, directly duel, hand three and even “ten hands” with criminals.

Besides, Do Hyun Jin also impressed with the reasoning screen, analyzing his super high case. Even if he does not receive the respect from male colleagues, Hyun Jin still proves his talent to judge “standard” before each case. Not a heroine “banh beo”, Because Hyun Jin is willing to make those who look down on me have to keep their mouth shut.

4. Love “harsh” forecast sadness for the main couple
Right from the announcement of the project, the audience has partly captured the charm of “harsh” debt of the assassin and the police officer. While Jang Ki Yong ( Jang Ki Yong ) was trained from a young age to become a cold-blooded murderer, Do Hyun Jin brought inside him secretly when he decided to become a policeman despite family objections.

Besides, the audience did not put too much expectations on “love-line” formed in Kill It . The journey to find Kim Soo Hyun’s relatives will be easier without “loved ones”. And it would be easier and less tragic to discover the mystery of the former lover’s death if Kim Soo Hyun and Do Hyun Jin were just halfway through life.

Jang Ki Yong saves Nana “Kill It”

If Kim Soo Hyun is the assassin who killed Do Hyun Jin’s “old love”, the audience will only be able to pray for the female police officer to not “fire” at Kim Soo Hyun. If not, it is because Hyun Jin will also be the one who “slams” the assassin into the prison bars.

5. Packed in 7 episodes, short but not in a hurry
Watching the first two episodes of Kill It , the audience will somewhat feel the evolution is a bit … more hasty than usual. Do Hyun Jin’s “audible” performances for Kim Soo Hyun, the intimacy between the police and assassins grew so strangely fast that the audience couldn’t help but feel “wrong” somewhere.

Only the “intimacy” between couples is a bit fast!

However, with the short film nature like Kill It , the evolution of the film is so easy to understand. The movie is likened to a “upgraded” short version, mixed between Lee Min Ho ‘s ” City Hunter ” and Ji Chang Wook ‘s ” Hallyu ” cult projects , when the assassin hides the female rescue Main and somewhat related to the secrets that need to be hidden in the past. With the number of 7 short episodes, the audience will not have the opportunity to “complain” about the movie circuit, when it is not enough to sink, it is time to Kill It goodbye to the audience.

Kill It will continue to be aired on Saturday 20h20, every Sunday on OCN TV channel.

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