Gamyeong Lee, the actor, conveyed gratitude to his husband Ju Sang-wook.

On the eighth day of his birthday, Syeolryun posted a picture with the text “Thank you, the bridegroom” in his instagram.

After that, he said, ‘I’ll shoot myself. I am firmly on my side. I put a hash tag called ‘Perfume’ for 20 pros.

In the photo, Syeolryun is wearing a finger heart while wearing a white tee with Ju Sang-wook. Especially, the affection of two people attracts attention.

The netizens who came into contact with them came up with various responses such as “lovely,” “beautiful,” and “happy couple.”

KBS 2TV monthly drama ‘PERFUM’, in which the drama is played, is broadcasted at 10 pm every week.

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