Actor Joe seen the brother shed tears of touched by the coffee tea gift.

Joe Boa said on his social networking site on the 9th, “I do not have any more siblings like this … I do not have a phone call. I was getting sick and torn, and I was preparing for such a gift without money.”

“Yoo You already exist is the best gift of my life. I love the world’s most. ”

In the video, Joe Boa is tearfully touched by his brother’s coffee tea. In another photo, ‘My sister, my dearest in the world. I try hard today ‘,’ Secret ‘actors, staff Enjoy and have a good time. The placard written as ‘Boa’s younger sister’s dream’ attracts attention.

While Joe Boa is shooting the drama ‘Secret’, he plays Jeong Young-jae, a surgeon’s resident resident, and cooperates with Park Hae-jin.

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