In the previous broadcast, Jung Kang-hee (Jin Ji-hoon) had a first meeting with viewers with Pharma hair, a red cardigan filled with lint, and round horn glasses. The ambassador of Da Min-Ik (Kim Young-kwang), who seems to be aware of the woman even if she is blind, is a busy real-life secretary who has formed an infinite empathy.

Today, she is doing a different transformation at 180 degrees broadcast (13th). Boss was advised to resign, but as the only secretary to help him get certified, he started working again and foretold the gathering to relieve the stress he had accumulated over the years.

In the open photo, Jung Kang-hee unmasked her hair and dropped her red cardigan and round glasses off her skin, throwing her eye on the image so she could not remember the image she had shown. Also, I would like to ask my colleagues to help me with make-ups, not to mention haircuts on my bangs. I am going to forget my secretary for the coming club time and show my enthusiasm.

However, a phone call from her has deprived Jung Kang-hee’s freedom (?) And caused her to become angry, making her wonder what the contents of the phone would be.

Ji Jin-gi, who has photographed with secretaries, said, “If the secretaries are gathered, it is a wacky atmosphere, and we are putting together their own adboards and ideas, and this shot was so funny. “It is raising the expectation of broadcasting today (13th).

The appearance of Jing Shi to transform into a bling bling with efforts to change the secretaries’ soul can be confirmed on SBS monthly drama ‘I love you in the beginning’ today (13th).

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