Actor Jang Chang-wook appears in ‘The City Fisherman’.

Channel A entertainment program “I believe only follow me, urban fisherman” (hereinafter referred to as ‘urban fisherman’) announced the return of Ji Chang-wook, who returned from his military service on the 13th. The first TV appearance after the whole world, and the first program, “urban fisherman” was chosen to focus on the particular reason for the situation.

The focus is also on the special reunion of Ji Chang-wook and Lee Duck-hwa. In the drama, which received popular acclaim before the army, the two men, who had met with each other in the play, boasted a unique relationship. The two actors’ warm chemistry is expected in the journey that left together.

In addition, with the beauty of Ji Chang-wook’s antiseptic, the viewer has been well aware of the snow lucer, while his talent for fishing and unexpected entertainment are exploding. I am looking forward to Ji Chang-wook’s performance in the first performing arts outing after the army.

‘City fisherman’ is broadcast every Thursday at 11 pm.

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