‘Romance is a separate appendix’ Lee Jong-seok’s storm jealousy began.

The TVN Saturday drama ‘Romance is a supplementary book’ (director Lee Jung Hyo, drama Chung Hyeonjeong) revealed on the 10th of the tripartite meeting scene of Kudan Lee (Naina), Cha Eunho (Lee Jongseok) and Ji Seo Jun (Lee Haejun). The emergence of a powerful rival, Ji Seo-joon, stirs a thrilling tension in the slowly penetrating romance.

The relationship between the pulpit, which is unique and special to each other, is increasing more and more day by day. In the meantime, the tea awakened the mind toward the hojangdan and raised the curiosity. “I want to confirm a hundred more times where my heart and my heart are. I can not easily meet and break up easily. For me, the pulldown is a very important person. ” His sincere desire to be cautious about the limit was deeply affection for the pulpit, and he had a stronger feeling than the confession.

On the other hand, Songdan Lee (Jung Yoo-jin) found out that he had a crush on Cha Eun-ho, and again, the gangsters met with Seojoon again, and a new wind began to blow in the romance chapter of ”

In the photo released on the 10th through the production crew, there is a curiosity about the first tripartite meeting of Kudan Lee, Cha Eunho and Ji Seo Jun. There is a sweet and relaxed atmosphere between the pulpit and Won Ji-joon, who are close to the law. I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do.

The car that started to face his own mind stimulates curiosity by exchanging the eyes of Seo Joon, who is in a straight and heavy reaction to the eyes of the door full of wit. Between Cha Eun-ho and Ji Seo-jun, who spread nerves in exchange for their eyes, they do not know anything and they have a clear-cut look. The rivalry of Cha Eun-ho and Ji Seo-joon, who do not know only the pulpit, makes the romance to be more exciting.

In the sixth anniversary of the romance, which is broadcasted today (10th), Cha Eun Ho and Ji Seo Jun learn the existence of each other and open another page of the romance chapter. Cha Eun-ho, who was slowly approaching toward the pulpit, becomes very nervous with the appearance of Ji Seon-joon, who has infinite straight-forward instinct.

In the previous six trailer, Ji Seo-joon stepped closer to the pulpit, saying, “Let’s meet it by phone, not by chance.” Here, “I can not help myself now, too,” said Song Hahn, who has begun to reveal his heart toward Cha Eun-ho, and the romantic air flow between the four people is already exciting.

‘Romance is a separate supplement,’ the production crew said, “With the appearance of Song Hae Rin, who has hid an old love affair, and Ji Seo Jun who expresses his heart frankly, there is also an acceleration in the romance of Kudan Lee and Chae-eun who slowly softened to each other. The car, which realized the mind toward the pulpit, is going to amplify the excitement. ”

‘Romance is a supplementary book’ is broadcast 6 times today (10th) at 9 pm

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