Jang Hyuk’s JTBC action drama will appear in the second half of ‘My Country’. It is expected to be transformed into a strong acting again once again taking charge of the character of Lee.

As a result of recent OSEN coverage, Jang Hyuk confirmed the appearing of “My Country” in JTBC action drama scheduled for the second half of this year.

‘My Country’ is an action historical drama based on the Koryo and early Joseon dynasties. It is a work that explodes the desire of power and patience by pointing a sword at each other with ‘my country’ which is expressed by his beliefs. Director Kim Jin-won, “The Time of Love” and “The Master of the Noodle” are all raising hopes that the writer of Sung-woo coincides.

Jang Hyuk, who has been active in MBC ‘Money Flower’, SBS ‘Fat Melody’ and MBC ‘Bad Papa’ last year, is going to continue the ‘ten days’ while confirming ‘My Country’ appearance. After three years of KBS2 ‘Changsha Shin-Passenger 2015’, it will show historical drama.

“My country” was ahead of me, and I was attracted by the affirmation that the two Koreas and Udo Dohwan appeared on the show. The two men were Namseon Hoh, the son of Jangsu Sogam, son of Lee Sung-gyu, and Nam Sun-ho, who was trying to get out of the family and class boundaries.

On the other hand, JTBC historical drama ‘My Country’ is said to be a strong candidate for gangsters in the second half of 2019.

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