It was reported that the first actor of the National Institute of Scientific Investigation reported that Han Ji-sung, who died after hitting a car at Incheon Airport Expressway, was hit by two vehicles.

According to the CBS Nocutnews report on March 17, the National Institutes of Health reported that the autopsy of Hanji’s autopsy revealed multiple lesions, as well as a simplified result that blood alcohol levels were more than 0.1 percent of license revoked.

Hanji was out of the Benz C200 passenger car at the Gimpo Airport IC in the direction of Seoul’s Gocheon-eup, Incheon International Airport Expressway at 3:52 am on March 6, and was killed by taxi and passenger car.

Looking at the black box video of the surrounding vehicles, Han Ji-Sung set up a car during the second lane of the third lane, and showed out behaviors such as leaning down from behind his own vehicle and biting. The husband, who was in the passenger seat, left the car and quickly moved to the shoulder.

Her husband said, “The urine is in a hurry and I set up a car.” After returning to the nearby flowerbeds, she came back and stated that there had been an accident. It is also true that he drank alcohol, but it was reported that he did not know whether his wife had built a car in the middle of the highway, or whether his wife had drunk.

A police officer and a taxi driver B (56) and a car driver C (73), who were hunting for Han Gi-seong on suspicion of being killed in a traffic accident special treatment law, Each of them. Depending on the drunken driving of Hanji Castle, the punishment level of the accidents will also be affected.

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