On the afternoon of the 8th, at the entrance of Lotte Cinema, a premiere of the movie “Again, Spring” was held. Lee Chung-ah, Hong Jong-hyun, Park Kyung-hye, Park Ji-bin and Chung Yong-joo, attended the event to answer reporters’ questions.

Hong Jonghyun, who played the man who had the mysterious tide of time travel, played role as a promising Judo player in the drama. “I am a lot of greedy because I am a judo player, and I spend a lot of time in the gym When I shot Judo, it was not an action that was different from the action that I did in the meantime, but I did a lot of work like a real duel on the spot. I did not show it all, and I felt sorry for myself, but I did my best and did my best. ”

He continued, “I overdid it while filming and slightly slipped two days before filming a specific scene. I felt personally regretful that I wasn’t able to show everything I had practiced because of that, but I still tried my best.”

Tim Rawind movie “Again, Spring” will be released on April 17, when the woman who lost her daughter made a serious decision and got the second chance of life as she took the time to move backwards one day yesterday.

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